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Neck and Decollettage Special Ritual


All skin types and age. Especially for people over 35, people who have experienced severe weight change, or those who wish to improve and/or prevent signs of aging in this area.


The décolletage and neck are two areas that give away our age the most, since the skin there is more delicate and fragile, which is why it needs specific care. To avoid flaccidity, the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes, and to keep the skin firm, it is vital to use a hard-working skincare which helps to intensely firm, repair, and nourish the area.



– Beautify, rejuvenate and protect the treated area.

– Prevent and/or reduce flaccidity and tissue devitalization.

– Improve microcirculation and energize the area.

– Soften blemishes and even skin tone.



Rejuvenated, firmer skin, reduction in flaccidity | More even, radiant tone | Renewed skin.


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