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Goodbye Stretch Marks Ritual


All skin types and age. Suitable for men and women of any age, who want to shrink, soften and/or prevent the appearance of stretch marks. Its use is especially recommended to avoid the appearance of stretch marks during puberty and pregnancy, as well as for people that practice high-level exercise, where they develop lots of muscles (men-arms) or people that are planning on undergoing weight los treatments. Its use is equally recommended to soften or fade existing stretch marks after a severe weight change.


When the skin is stretched suddenly over a short space of time, the fibers with less elasticity break, resulting in the characteristic skin injury known as stretch marks.

In the beginning, stretch marks have a pinkish tone, but over time they change to a red-purple tone, and finally become a whitish or pearly color. During the initial phase (pinkish tone), it is easier to get rid of them. For this reason, treating them immediately is recommended. Because during the second pase (whitish tone), it is only possible to soften them and not get rid of them completely. The key to achieving stretch mark-free skin is treating it before they appear. Phases like puberty, pregnancy, weight loss or intense exercise with muscle development are problem times when unsightly stretch marks can appear. For this reason, applying an anti-stretch mark treatment during any of these times is highly recommended.



– Shrink, soften and/or prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

– Regenerate and renew the damaged tissue.

– Provide elasticity.

– Intensely hydrate and nourish the skin.



Hydrated, supple skin that is prepared for sudden stretching.

Recent pink-purple stretch marks disappear.

White stretch marks are blurred.


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