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Sublime Back Ritual


All skin types and age. Suitable for any age. Especially recommended for people with imperfections on the back, as well as those with a fast-paced life with high stress levels.


The back is one of the body’s sexiest areas, but it is also one of the most neglected, which we only remember when we find an open-backed dress or when the good weather arrives.

It is also an area that accumulates a lot of tension caused by daily stress, which is why applying a treatment that cares for your skin while providing a sense of well-being is recommended. However, it isn’t only important to prepare it for a special event, it is also important to provide it with the care that it needs throughout the whole year, to keep it in good condition.



Eliminate imperfections.

Provide intense hydration and beautify the area.

Eliminate tension.



A smooth and silky back, free from imperfections.

Moisturized and radiant skin.

Intense feeling of well-being.


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