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Beautiful Hands Ritual


All skin types and age. Suitable for people that wish to beautify and protect their hands.


The hands are a very important part of our body, our letter of introduction, one of the most exposed areas to external aggressions, which quickly gives away our age.

The aging process is more visible in the hands, since the skin in this área becomes thinner, dries out, loses elasticity and becomes more wrinkled with age. This is because with the passing of time, the presence of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin reduces. For this reason, an appropriate treatment which removes impurities, hydrates and nourishes, is vital for beautiful hands.



– Treat and/or prevent the appearance of all signs of aging present in the hands. Soften/prevent wrinkles, dehydration, dull tone, blemishes, prominent veins, etc.



Soft and smooth skin | Radiant and revitalized skin | Moisturized hands | Strengthened nails.


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