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Push Up! Firm And Redefined Chest Ritual


All skin types and age. Suitable for any age. Especially formulated for people that have experience da sudden weight loss, after pregnancy or a period of breastfeeding, as well as those who wish to improve the firmness of the area.


The breasts are a sign of femininity, one of the areas that women worry about the most. But often it’s in a non-specific way.

Many factors, such as weight loss, pregnancy and breast feeding and aging cause the skin of the breasts to lose its elasticity, becoming less resilient and flaccid in appearance , which makes the breasts lose their shape and leads to sagging. With some specific redensifyingfirming, lifting and tightening care, we can improve its appearance and/or prevent flaccidity.



– Improve the texture and strength of the skin that supports the breasts.

– Moisturize and firm the skin.

– Filling effect on the skin and a decrease in the appearance of sagging breasts.



Tones, firms and redefines the breasts.


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