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Lighter Legs Ritual


All skin types and age. It is recommended for people that experience leg discomfort, such as heaviness, varicose veins and/or poor circulation in general. It is also suitable for people who, because of lifestyle, spend a long time standing or sitting, and wish to prevent the appearance of the aforementioned discomforts.


Many hours of standing or sitting, poor blood circulation, etc., are some of the factors that cause the appearance of the uncomfortable “tired legs” feeling, heaviness, pain, etc. Furthermore, these problems can lead to the appearance of redness, varicose veins, spider veins, as well as water retention and other problems that affect the legs.

To avoid these uncomfortable problems, it is vital to boost the area’s microcirculation, stimulate drainage and provide specific care that improves blood circulation and nutrition in the tissue.



– Reduce changes to the circulatory system (capillary fragility, venous stasis and spider veins).

– Boost circulation and improve venous return.

– Improve and prevent the appearance of all symptoms linked to incorrect posture (too much time sitting or standing).



Immediate feeling of relief from leg “heaviness”.

Reduction in visible signs of poor circulation.

Intense feeling of well-being.


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