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Bras D’eau Nature Park, Mauritius

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#1 Award winning Spa in Mauritius

Bras D’eau Forest, Poste La Fayette, Mauritius

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Immerse yourself in the serenity of Seven Chakras Boutique Spa, Mauritius. Nestled at the entrance of Bras D'eau Forest, our haven offers bespoke treatments blending ancient wisdom with modern luxury. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and serenity guided by our expert therapists. Discover the ultimate spa experience, tailored to nurture your mind, body, and soul.

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Express Facial using the finest products to boost your skin tone.

AgeDefense an exclusive personalized treatment in single-dose phases with an advanced 360° anti-aging system with PRO & PREBIOTIC TECHNOLOGY combined with the benefits of the Algae Peel-off PREBIOTIC IONISABLE MASK a state-of-the-art mask that allows the use of electroporation and ionization techniques thanks to its conductivity

Professional personalized balancing treatment in single-dose phases combined with the benefits of the algae peel-off goji mask 2070. A high technology facial mask with Goji Berries. It prevents the action of external agents and reinforces the barrier effect providing a balanced natural state of the skin.

Professional personalized matte effect treatment in single-dose phases combined with the benefits of the algae peel-off reaffirming mask 2020. A high technology facial mask with diatomaceous earth producing a detoxifying and moisturizing effect. An intelligent cosmetic product for oily skins and/or shiny skin.

Professional personalized firming treatment in single-dose phases combined with the benefits of the algae peel-off ionisable ocean miracle mask 3010. A high technology facial mask with wakame kelp with a firming effect.

Pamper and indulge in a blissful massage from our expert therapist to help relax tense muscle, ease aching backs, stress, fatigue, heavy legs, fluid retention, aching backs and improves the skin tone and elasticity

PURIFYING is an exclusive purifying-oxygenating beauty plan that revolutionizes facial skincare protocols with Cosmetic Drone Technology and pure oxygen.

Professional personalized revitalizing treatment in single-dose phases combined with the benefits of the algae peel-off gold mask 2080. A high technology facial mask with 24-carat gold which nourishes, revitalizes and reaffirms the skin.

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    It's not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority.
    The Seven Chakras Reviews

    Happy Customers

    Home setup was very good. Awesome experience and massage was perfect. Jaya is professional. Keep it up!

    Talaivee Soobramanien Meetoo
    The Seven Chakras Reviews

    Happy Customers

    Professional Team, good service, well equipped - fully recommended

    Bashir Mahamode
    The Seven Chakras Reviews

    Happy Customers

    Thanks Jaya my family and really appreciate our package fully.highly recommended looking forward for our next appointment

    Azimah Allybanon
    The Seven Chakras Reviews

    Happy Customers

    Great Thanks to Jaya & Krishnee.. My parents had a great time..they enjoyed their 4-treatments package fully. Highly recommended. Will definitely book again. Amazing results · Luxurious experience · Expert facials · Professional masseuses · Great manicure · Great deals

    Shweta Bhurtun
    The Seven Chakras Reviews

    Happy Customers

    Had a really nice experience..Had an amazing massage, fantastic facial and then a relaxing spa manicure at an affordable price.. I was pleased with all the services and professional staff..Especially the home service which i experienced for the 1st time..The set up was perfect, creating a peaceful atmosphere with positive energies at home..Feeling like a brand new woman!! Everyone must have a spa day with Seven Chakras !! Highly recommended ❤❤ Thank youuu Jaya and Team..

    Hanshika Salandy
    The Seven Chakras Reviews

    Happy Customers

    Great experience, very professional. Keep it up Jaya. Amazing results · Professional masseuses

    Rydwan Lauthan
    The Seven Chakras Reviews

    Happy Customers

    I had my treatment done by JN Spa. They had an amazing service. My skin feels pampered. Looking for to another treatment session soon.

    Smita Barla
    The Seven Chakras Reviews

    Happy Customers

    I had my treatment done by JN... I availed home services.. They were on time and they have amazing services and packages. My skin feels pampered and well nourished, they use branded products and overall service provided was excellent and satisfying.. Must try ❤️thank you so much.. Would surely take the skin treatments again, 100%recommended

    Benish Khan
    The Seven Chakras Reviews

    Happy Customers

    Had a marvellous spa experience with jaya... too good and professional. Was really pampered and felt relaxed

    Ashta Sembhoo
    The Seven Chakras Reviews

    Happy Customers

    Very soothing experience by therapist Jaya. Very dedicated to her work . She adjusts according to our availability of our time which is just too good for this festive season. Very hygienic. Professional service in the coziness of your home. I have often paid for Spa packages during hotel stay but this one has been the best ever complete care not to just get a session done but Jaya is someone who wants you to be relaxed and completely satisfied. My Christmas gift by hubby

    Karuna Poinen
    The Seven Chakras Reviews

    Happy Customers

    Première expérience réussie avec JN Spa hier...J'ai pris le package Body scrub+ Facial + Manucure + Massage.. Traitement et service comme à l'Hotel et tout ça s'est fait à la maison...Que demander de plus 😉 J'ai bien apprécié en tout je recommande aussi 😉😉🥰🥰🥰Merci beaucoup Jaya 🥰🥰😘

    Mbola Ranjato
    The Seven Chakras Reviews

    Happy Customers

    Totally a feel good vibe and amazing massage and treatments in the best place - home. She drives half way across tie Island happily to deliver bliss

    Alan Berry
    The Seven Chakras Reviews

    Happy customers

    Punctual,treatment around 3 hrs and quality same as 5 star hotel.So,worth trying.

    Naidoo Govinden
    The Seven Chakras Reviews

    Happy Customers

    Profusely appreciated. very professional and punctual. provided some useful tips about skin care. will definitely recommend and book for more treatments! kudos

    Sapna Kajal
    The Seven Chakras Reviews

    Happy Customers

    I experienced the body scrub, facial, head & full body massage.....5 ⭐!! Jaya is very professional. I highly recommend.

    Rahifa Rawat-Moossa
    The Seven Chakras Reviews

    Happy Customers

    i had mine done and it was a fabulous experience and very professional. whichever treatment you choose, you will not regret it. Luxurious Experience.

    Ruchika Runganaikaloo

    We have an Experience !

    For every feeling

    Explore a diverse range of experiences designed to match every emotion at our spa. Your well-being awaits!


    Experience chakras rebalancing, restoring harmony in mind and body through ancient energy healing techniques.

    Arabian Journeys

    Embark on Arabian Spa Journeys, featuring luxurious treatments inspired by the Middle East and Morocco.

    Massage Therapies

    Experience bliss with our Massage Therapies, tailored to relax, rejuvenate, and restore balance to body and mind.


    Revitalize and Renew Your Skin with Pampering Facial Treatments Tailored to Your Unique Needs for a Radiant and Youthful Glow


    Experience the Ultimate Rejuvenation with Casmara Facial Treatments, Harnessing Innovative Formulations to Enhance Your Natural Beauty.


    8 Exclusive Treatments Tailored to Pamper Your Skin, Targeting Specific Body Areas for a Relaxing Experience


    Rejuvenate your skin with our invigorating body scrubs, designed to exfoliate, hydrate, and leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and refreshed.

    Customize your pampering experience at our scrub bar by crafting personalized scrubs tailored to your preferences for a truly rejuvenating spa treatment.


    Experience ultimate relaxation with our body wrap treatments, designed to rejuvenate your skin and promote a sense of well-being and renewal.


    Indulge in luxurious nail care with our manicure services, tailored to enhance the health and beauty of your hands for a polished look.

    Indulge in a pampering pedicure experience at our spa, where expert therapists will rejuvenate your feet, leaving them soft, smooth, and beautifully groomed.

    Spa Deals

    Explore exclusive spa deals, offering indulgent treatments and packages tailored to provide rejuvenation, relaxation, and an unforgettable escape.