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Anahata Massage


Balancing your Physical Energy Key Points.

Our Heart Chakra (Universal Compassion) is the centre of unconditional love, compassion, trust, generosity, forgiveness and wellbeing.

The Heart Chakra represents the element AIR ”Freedom and Expansion” and is located in the heart region, in the centre of our chest. The Mantra of the Heart Chakra is ‘Yam’, meaning to let go, to liberate, to give.

When balanced it allows us to feel motivated, compassionate, optimistic, friendly, caring and deeper understanding for ourselves and others around us.

Our Anahata Ritual begins with a guided meditation, soothing singing bowls and a signature massage with the finest oil blended with Cedar-wood, Pine & Eucalyptus to leave you feeling one with yourself and others around you.

90 Min  – MUR 6,799