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Intensive Q10 Treatment


An exclusive and essential complementary treatment that provides absolute recovery by reversing the signs of advanced aging, eliminating that feeling of discomfort and intensely rejuvenating very mature skin.



CASMARA Research Center aims to reverse the three key processes responsible for advanced skin aging with Q10 RESCUE. This highly energizing, rebalancing and nourishing restorative shock treatment is formulated with latest-generation active ingredients and technologies, including SMART Q10 GPS TECHNOLOGY, hormone and β-endorphin precursors and radiofrequency-inspired active ingredients that promise extraordinary skin rejuvenation.

An exclusive and essential complementary treatment that provides absolute recovery by reversing the signs of advanced aging, eliminating that feeling of discomfort and intensely rejuvenating very mature skin.


Who is this for?

Very mature skin. Formulated both as a shock treatment to rejuvenate all very mature skin types (+60) or as a complementary treatment for mature (+45), malnourished, dry, devitalized and/or dull skin showing or starting to show the imbalances typical of menopause, pre- or post-menopause.



RESTORATIVE: restores optimal skin function, recovering the metabolic rate typical of younger skin.

ENERGIZING: provides high energy levels at the key point, right where the skin needs it to be reactivated.

REBALANCING: regulates the imbalances typical of very mature skin, mitigating the effects of the drop in hormones and endorphins.

NOURISHING: provides the nutrients required for perfect skin condition, restoring an intense feeling of comfort and ease.

REJUVENATING: acts on all signs of aging, with a remarkable restructuring effect that deeply combats flaccidity, as well as very pronounced wrinkles by reducing them in depth and quantity.



Deeply nourished and plump skin with an intense feeling of comfort.

Wrinkles are softened. Visibly firmer and suppler skin.

Radiant, revitalized complexion. Unified tone. Face is full of life.

Skin youth levels are restored. Visibly younger-looking skin.


Active ingredients

COSMETIC RADIOFREQUENCY: World-exclusive cosmetics inspired by radiofrequency that act on deep skin layers, providing a genuine cosmetic radiofrequency effect.

Q10 GPS: Bioenergetic system with microencapsulated Q10 and GPS high technology that achieves a double geolocation, first the fibroblast and then the mitochondrion inside, where it intelligently releases the active ingredient, achieving 100% effectiveness on the target. In the mitochondrion it greatly increases cell energy production and reduces the oxidative stress that prevents the mitochondrial energy system from functioning correctly. This extra energy reactivates the cells and increases fibroblast activity, strengthening the skin structure and intensely revitalizing and rejuvenating the skin.

NEW YOUTH: 100% natural balancing and restorative active ingredient made with concentrated monk’s pepper berry extract that stimulates the autonomous synthesis of hormone precursors and β-endorphins in the skin to mitigate the effects of their decline, which occurs with age and menopause.

ADVANCED NUTRICARE: Exquisite blend of five highly nourishing plant oils, carefully selected for their advanced action. This complex provides all the necessary nutrients to correctly restore mature skin. The combination of four of the richest oils such as argan, tsubaki, ximenia and olive oil concentrate, deeply nourishes, prevents dehydration and restores dry skin, leaving it soft, plump and revitalized.

CHRONO BALANCE: Smart epigenetic regenerating and hydrating active ingredient that supports the skin’s day/night rhythms by regulating the so-called clock gene expression. The active ingredient promotes and strengthens skin functions during the day and night, increasing moisturizing and protective factor production by day and promoting the regeneration and repair process at night.


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