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Professional treatment with a powerful perfecting action and a quadruple anti-wrinkle strategy. Plumps, regenerates and smooths the skin while inhibiting repetitive facial movements, thanks to its extraordinary Botox effect and an advanced combination of multifunctional active ingredients.

A unique formula high in alpha-hydroxy acids, Botox-effect active ingredients, exquisite nutrient-rich oils and advanced botanical elements for visibly younger, suppler, redensified and wrinkle-free skin.



All types skin. Suitable for all skin types, including combination skin over the age of 40; from the driest or most dehydrated skin to normal or combination skin types. Treatment and preventive protocol especially formulated to target existing facialwrinkles and expression lines and/or prevent their future appearance.



BOTOX EFFECT. Inhibits and/or softens muscle contractions caused by repetitive facial movements and improves their subsequent relaxation.

RENEWING. Exfoliates the outermost skin layers, removing aging cells and intensely stimulating cell renewal, smoothing and improving the microrelief.

PLUMPING. Increases skin-plumping substances and improves the skin hydration level, filling wrinkles from the inside.

GLOBAL ANTI-AGING. Increases the level of hydration and lipids in the skin, as well as providing the necessary nutrients at cell level to help globally improve the complexion.



RELAXED, TENSION-FREE FACE, with smoothed wrinkles and expression lines.

SMOOTHED SKIN MICRORELIEF. Results in an overall improvement of the skin.

“FILLED” WRINKLES. Redensified, rehydrated, plump and smoother skin.

REJUVENATED SKIN. Increased facial firmness and elasticity.




GLICOLIC ACID: alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) with an exfoliating action that penetrates deeply thanks to its small molecular size.

LACTIC ACID: AHA with a rehydrating action. Its double moisturizing action is enhanced by its powerful exfoliating effect.

SALICYLIC ACID. Natural-origin beta-hydroxy acid (BHA). Highly purifying acid.

ARGIRELINE AMPLIFIED®: Revolutionary botox-like effect anti-wrinkle active ingredient.

CASTANEA SATIVA: A renewing active ingredient that perfects the microrelief.

HORSE CHESTNUT: wrinkle filler. Increases the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin. Its action improves facial firmness and plumpness.

AMINO-FIRM: A firming and tightening complex rich in amino acids that promotes collagen synthesis and increases the activity of the cell responsible for skin firmness.

VITAMIN SHOT ( Vit. A, B5, B7, E and F): Blend of rejuvenating active ingredients that stimulates cell activity, promoting an overall improvement of the skin at all levels.